Sunday, 30 September 2007

I'm Sorry, that's never happened before!

So, I booted up Pro Evolution Soccer 6 earlier today for the first time in a few months. I haven't really touched it since I got back from University because, as good as the Master League is, it just can't touch playing PES with friends for entertainment value.

I was spurred on by a couple of motives: the fast-approaching release of Pro Evo 2008 (which I'll be getting on my new PS3 towards Christmas, all going well!) and the desire to update all the Premier League teams with their various new signings and remove them of their departures. So I went online and grabbed a comprehensive list of the season's transfers with a view to editing all the teams and starting a new Master League campaign with my team, Reading.

Oh dear.

I've never found Pro Evolution Soccer 6 to be that, well, bad before. It's never hit me how last-gen it is, even though I've only seen pictures of the next version of the game. For the first time, in my eyes, Konami's blockbuster is showing it's age. For a start, it's horrendously slow. There's no chance to build up a zippy game of football with any pace or verve about it when your superstars continually mis-control the ball, stop to cushion it pointlessly or fumble what should be a fundamental. The increasing build-up of mistakes is frustrating over a 15-minute match, and I don't think I'll be finding out what it's like over a whole season. The AI is also at fault and is looking particularly suspect and undoubtedly last-gen: the opposition style of play constantly forces you to use certain tactics and moves to attempt to unlock their defence and a hint of repetition creeps in.

Graphically, it's looking tired, too. The pitch is nothing more than a flat, lifeless piece of green cardboard, and the animation - that previously made you think of the Premier League's finest - has been relegated. The players' faces are blurred and better likenesses can, understandably, be found in the new one. The commentary is ridiculous, and always has been. The new game has John Champion and Mark Lawrenson providing the voices, and I pray that they can be improved. It's not the same on your own, and I doubt I'll be touching a PES game until the next instalment arrives.

Still, at least it's not FIFA.

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Chris said...

PES could be worse, you could be getting whooped by me!